Pick and mix 2 – tier rosettes

£1.32 inc VAT

As a result of customer feedback which said “we like your packs but would love to choose what was in them”

Well now you can – we are very pleased to offer our “Pick and Mix” 2 tier placed rosettes.

  • Simply choose how many you need for each place and hey presto that’s what you get.
  • Choose from just 1 rosette up to a maximum order of 100 rosettes.
  • Should you need to order more than 100 rosettes in various placings you just have to repeat the process once you have added your first selection to your basket.

We hope these are as successful as our 1 tier pick and mix rosettes have been

Would you like bridle clips?

Choose placing * 


You choose the places you want. Order just 1 rosette if you like up to a maximum of 100

Places are from 1st to 6th and you can choose the amount for each place.

Colours are Red 1st, Blue 2nd, Yellow 3rd, Green 4th, Orange, 5th and Pink 6th

Rosette is approx 250mm top to bottom and 110mm wide

Pins as standard  – bridle clips are optional

Prices shown are per rosette and inc Vat.


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