Be ready for a General Election

Here at Darlow Rosettes, we love the excitement of an election!

We supply rosettes to candidates from the three main parties, SNP, Green Party and even the Monster Raving Looney party. Whether North or South, East or West, we can fulfil your requirements and have you ready to go. If you are an independent candidate, we also have you covered. Choose your own colours and printing to make your election rosettes really stand out.

Browse our shop for election rosettes now.


Don’t leave it to the day before, or before companies begin to put their prices up.

Remember. Think about numbers you need and when you need them, as delivery times could be affected if EVERYONE wants general election rosettes at the last minute.

Need more than 200? No problem we can offer you an even better deal, but order early.

Get organised, Get ordering and Get Out There

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