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Did you know we also print Agricultural prize cards and sashes? We are here to help, so please get in touch with us today

Winter 2021 Update

We are working as normal now.

After a very busy summer and Autumn it looks like things are getting back to normal. We are experiencing some supply chain issues, however we have worked very hard to mitigate any issues that have arisen. There are some occasional issues with carriers deliveries, but again we are working around this by getting orders out that bit quicker where we can.

You may also have noticed that we have had a bit of a revamp of the website, and will be working hard on this over the next few months to increase content and new products.

Tartan Rosettes

Tartan ribbon pack of 1st to 6th rosettes
1st to 6th Rosettes with a Tartan theme

Pick n Mix 2 Tier

Best in Show Rosette


Green, yellow, blue and pink 3 tier rosettes
65 x 3 tier Clear Round rosettes

When you want your own printing and choice of colours.

Choose from 4 sizes of rosettes, 3 different pleat design and 3 different centre sizes for maximum choice. Click on the images below to take you to each collection.

1 Tier Rosettes

2 Tier Rosettes

3 Tier Rosettes

Rosettes with 3 tiers

4 Tier Rosettes

4 tier rosette

Need sashes, trophies, badges, prize cards?

Beautiful sashes, exclusive digitally printed prize cards and badges and lots of lovely trophies. Click on the images below to take you to each collection.


Prize Cards

Show Badges



Here at Darlow Rosettes, we offer a wide range of Rosettes to suit all needs. Our top quality Rosettes are the perfect fit for your business or event.

Our unrivalled range of high quality rosettes are beautifully designed, expertly crafted and digitally printed to ensure a premium feel and finish.

The Perfect Rosette for you

Our range of Rosettes are available in four sizers and three pleat designs, giving you the ability to get the perfect rosette for your business/event. And, if you find yourself spoilt for choice, you can always contact us and run through what you’re looking for from your rosette and its use, and we will gladly help you choose the right one for you.

We have been supplying high quality rosettes for over 25 years for all types of events, Horse shows, Dog Shows, etc. Contact us today on +44 (0) 1789 459 267 to see how we can help you.